Shenzhen, Guangdong Province


April 1

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  • Thanks Rand.


  • Hi Rand, Yes i know how to play it but i dont have any tabs. i learnt it by ear Heres my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WastTrAkstw

    My youtube friend Mandy has done a nice little instructional video... makes it nice and easy - tell her i said hi ;-). Good luck with it its a corking tune :-)


  • The bowl is 5 7/8" diameter.See if you can get one locally first,I suspect they are of Chinese manufacture

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  • Maybe we could do a trade? I have a cat bowl waiting to be used I'll send you a photo

  • Thank you for the invitation Rand.Also thank you for the offer of a lid.

    Newcastle upon Tyne has a thriving Chinese community centred around Stowell Street in the centre of town right next to what remains of the old medieval city wall.I thought I'd try there first,even if it means having to eat all those cookies and to hell with the expanding waist line !

    Regards Michael 

  • Hi Rand,  We started a list at the 1st meeting, but it was a choice of tending the list or getting things going and almost nobody signed the list and those were illegible.  Using the CBN as a connection doesn't give any feedback and we don't know if anyone is checking the site.  Are you coming back to CA this summer?  Let me know and we can try to plan our meeting while you are here.  Thanks,  Will

  • hey ran,

    thank you for your comment. the instrument is a tahitian ukelele. i hollowed it

    with a special tool, similar to a chainsaw but is round and attaches to a 4" grinder.

  • Lived in TN all my life and never heard of a wild banana tree, or possum tree, or cucumber tree. They may have them somewhere in the south but not in West or Middle Tennessee, I can't vouch for East Tennessee as that is a whole 'nother state. Personally I like Blossoming Dogwood. 

  • ...Here is a microtonal neck from my double neck build and, yes, your eyes are not fooling you, the OTHER neck is fanned fretted...lol!
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