Newcastle upon Tyne


September 1

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  • Maybe on Route 66.  My current bucket list is a trip down to Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Have a good day, Michael.

  • I was using stainless and will have to check how thick it was. I think it was thicker than the .06 you used. I made so many changes and modifications to it I named it Frankentar. I finally did find a good use for it, firewood.

  • Yup.   Old and crusty.   I see on FB that Paul Smith has used crackle paint for some great looking relic styles.  I may look into that.

  • You deserve many Wows Michael. Your builds are fabulous.

  • You're welcome Michael, Great guitar and a great title.

  • Thank you for accepting my offer of friendship. No98 is great!

  • Yes, the image came through, all right!..That's fantastic.  The peek of the neck looked interesting.  Is the fretboard inlaid?  How did the sound strike you when you first strung it up and let-er-rip? thanks     Gordon

  • Thanks for the pic.  while looking at the workmanship, I couldn't help but wonder, "is this guy an ex model ship builder too?"  Is the copper tp an Idea for aesthetics or like to make the whole top a giant resonator?  National steel cbg.  Thanks again Mr Johnson, G.

  • Ran into sketch of neck installation, found intrigueing.  Neck hollowed out to and bottom to fascilitate vibe.  It looked like the neck was glued (front and rear) the same way, that is, where it contacts the bottom anr the front and end of the box, but not the TOP. Is that to allow maximum vibration of the top.  Thanks, Gordon

  • Something like that mate!  Work and women....not necessarily in that order ;)

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