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  • Hi all, I am living in Thailand and building CBGs for about a year.  

    I will be returning to the UK this year and looking to continue building.  My question is 'where is the best place to buy cigar box's?  Where do you get your box's from?



  • It`s been a while since I last posted on here, kinda lost my mojo a few years back. But my love for the CBG has never faded and I`ve found myself playing more and more. So I thought it was time to get back in the saddle and start really playing. So Hello to everyone past and present. Oh, Back in the day I used to go under the name SoulCatcher & his Doofa Diddley Band, But that seems way too long winded, so Now it`s Little Soul Eric :-) 

  • Sorry David I’ve only just seen your post. I see you’ve found the boxstock information on chickenbone johns site. For some reason he doesn’t seem to have posted it on cigar box nation. I have taken the plunge and taken a trade table. Time to move some stock. See you there.

  • CBGs, like minded people and in a brewery. Count me in.

  • Boxstock

  • It's happening again, the one and only BOXSTOCK, The UK Cigar Box Guitar Festival®!

    Saturday 20th May 2023

  • Greg

    I could be tempted, do you have the date?


  • Anybody going to box stock this year? Apparently it’s in the middle of Birmingham. But it is in a brewery!

  • Paul, what size are you looking for ?  Old boxes for cutlery sets tend to be similar to cigar box proportions, but are often bigger.  It depends what you want to build with it.  You occasionally get very big cigar boxes - I have one that's 670 x 270 x 125 mm but haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

  • Search for “wooden slide box” on eBay in the camera & photography  category.  Look for one that hold 175 slides (the ones made by Boots are usually a darker wood and are the better ones).  Usual price is around £12 -£15 and come up often so don’t buy a tatty or overpriced one. These are 12” (30cm) long and I have used several for six string builds.  My avatar photo was the first one I used years back and is still in regular use.

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Pink Toothbrush Alternative Market & Record fair

As above, Alternative market & Record fair, Pink Toothbrush Nightclub Rayleigh Essex Sunday 4th December 11:00am till 3:00pm. Mud N Mojo have a stall there hopefully flogging some CBG's, I been building them quite a few years now & need to thin them out a bit, Ritz Casino box based Cbgs, Biscuit tin guitars, One string Dibbly bo's,  All built from recycled & reclaimed timber. Looking forward to a good day out, Hell i might even sell a few!

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Hi I acquired a CBG recently and am trying to learn it and at same time I’m learning the harmonica (Diatonic) I also by chance have a number of USA reg plates which it appears I can make into guitars? Do uk members buy from the USA the parts etc or here in the uk? I am thinking of building another 3 string a four string and a six string using pre made necks and fret boards etc as I do not have a decent workshop and tbh I would rather have them as a quality builds to keep and use myself. Any…

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FX rigs and recommendations

Hi all, just wondering about what FX rigs you have, and hoping for some ideas/recommendations. I am currently using 2 pedals: an Electro Harmonix double muff, and a Behringer tuner (all going into a Fender Passport mini). Does fine for home use, and can just about be mic'ed up for a small venue. I love the double muff, gives it some nice squealing and sustain. What are you using? I am considering expanding my set up, thinking echo/delay, possibly a pitch shifter - to get some bass feeling. Also…

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