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Hi I acquired a CBG recently and am trying to learn it and at same time I’m learning the harmonica (Diatonic) I also by chance have a number of USA reg plates which it appears I can make into guitars? Do uk members buy from the USA the parts etc or h

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Small box woes?

Just come across a great cigar box for a cbg,but its only 8in x 5in.Solid made and no warning stickers.

I've never used such a small box, and think it would look a bit odd as a standard scale cbg, but I've no experience of anything else.

any suggesti

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Best Amp

I was wondering what make of amplifiers people out there in CBG land are playing and why they bought them.Did you buy a solid state amp or a tube amp? Did you make an amp? Are you happy with it?

If money was no object,what amp do you think would be s

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FX rigs and recommendations

Hi all, just wondering about what FX rigs you have, and hoping for some ideas/recommendations.

I am currently using 2 pedals: an Electro Harmonix double muff, and a Behringer tuner (all going into a Fender Passport mini). Does fine for home use, and

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New Site goes live!!

Good afternoon all!

Well after a long time and different incarnations and moving and life getting in the way my new website is now live!

3 strings, 4 strings and 6 strings, promo vids, links to instagram and shop... its all there!

Appreciate anyone w

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Demise of Gibson

Saw today that Gibson have filed for bankruptcy.

Hope that doesn't mean the end of the name.

Maybe it they made CBGs  they would be still going!!!

Note to chairman "Bring back the square red Gibson played by Bo Diddley."

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Some of my songs

Hi all.

First off, if posting recordings of your own songs is frowned upon, then I apologise. Let me know and I'll delete. However, if it is welcomed, then......

A little background to begin. I started making and playing CBGs about 3 years ago. I w

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School project

Im working part time at a school on Canvey Island as a workshop technician, on monday our head of dept asked if we could think of any projects for an after school club, she suggested bird boxes or similar. One of the first D&T projects is a small jew

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Old Timers

Hi guys I was wondering if any of you retiered guy are learning the three string or six string guitars in the East Yorkshire area.My wife bought me a parlour guitar and I start my lessons next week,just thought it might just be a good idea if one or

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Looking to get started

I've fallen in love with the idea of CBGs, and I'd really like to build my own.  I'm having trouble finding parts and I don't have a ton of tools to build with at the moment, so I'm trying to find something of a "one stop" shop that can either sell m

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I Could Really Do With A Jig !

Lovely morning here, so I went to my local timber merchants, have been going there for years. I got a few fronts and backs for my boxes. You may or may not know, that I have been playing 6 strings for over 50 years, and last year my cervical spine di

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I am new to this but I have a three string, love the tone but I do need to learn to play it.I was never able to play a standard guitar, I used to play blues harp but I am having to relearn that.

Dose anyone instruct in the UK preferably near Birmingh

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