New Site goes live!!

Good afternoon all!

Well after a long time and different incarnations and moving and life getting in the way my new website is now live!

3 strings, 4 strings and 6 strings, promo vids, links to instagram and shop... its all there!

Appreciate anyone who checks it out! Comments more than welcome!

Cheers all!

Blind John

You've seen your Birth,
your Life and Death...
you Might recall All of the Rest.
Did you have a good World when you Died?
.......Enough to base a Movie on

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  • Just had a good look at the website. Not a great deal of content but I did like the video albeit it was a little limited in any info about what you are trying to sell. It seems to suggest a lot more than is shown in the (products) guitar pics and as there is no shop/checkout/list of guitars or amps etc. for sale.

    Hate the Cuban bank note. Very distracting. sorry

  • Hey, 

    checked it out. Good stuff, I’ve followed you on Instagram aswell. I’m based in Kent, and recently set up my YouTube channel be great if you could check that out (Chris cbgkent payne). P.S the website worked fine for me as I saw some people said it wasn’t 100% although took a while to load by Virgin media’s usain bolt internet speed standards.

    take care,


  • Great looking site,have bookmarked it for the future!

  • Hi from equally sunny Hertfordshire. Great website John and some really fantastic-looking guitars...…...well done mate!

    • Cheers Martin, appreciate the feedback!

  • Hi from sunny Suffolk!

    Well, I visited the site as invited. Nice opening pic (though why no cbg?), but that was as far as I got. None of the tabs seemed to work at all, and as I work with local government IT systems my patience is pretty high. Five minutes- nothing but the pic.

    Please fix it, because we really need a UK-based CBG network. We get very few gigs, we don't get festivals, or any sort of get-together, and nearly all of our parts perforce come from the US or China. At least we can source excellent timber...

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Sadly I’m tied up day or I’d say come over, I’m not getting out much right now due to anxiety and depression issues
    • I kinda enjoy fretting necks, headphones on, take my time! Need to get into it though! Distractions can be a mare!!
    • In between Diss and Bury St Edmunds, you?
    • Whatfield- between Hadleigh and Needham Market.

      That idea of talking guitars over a beer looked more tempting a month back, before I gave up drinking! Mind you, I can now drive after 6pm if I have to...

This reply was deleted.