We wanna know who you are! Where ya from? What'cha buildin'? This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and old 'uns to show 'em around. I'm Shane & I run the Nation. I'm glad you're here. Come on in and tune up!

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  • Hi!

    Nathan Harvey from Eastern PA here. I've seen Reverend Payton perform twice at a Folkfest right against my property and have seen one vendor selling cbgs, but didn't really discover this world until fall when I got interested in Seasick Steve and did a few searches on his gear. I ended up asking for both of Speal's books for Christmas, have built 3 cbgs (slide only, fretless, 2 w/ piezo and pre-amp, 1 acoustic w/ reso) since.

    I'm building some more elaborate ones now with frets, resos, deltabuckers now, want to try mutant guitars next, am hoping to find a lot of guidance.

    Anyway, glad to be on board.

  • Welcome, check out the Resources tab for build/play info and join some groups located in the Posts tab? 😁
  • HI. Jonathan here. I am originally from Connecticut and now live in South Florida. I I have been making and building simple folk instruments for over twenty five years. I built my first cigar box guitar something like twenty years ago when I discovered cigarboxguitar.com. The how to instructions there really helped. Fast forward to last year when I got hooked on DIY kits, especially those produced (if that's the word) by C.B. Gitty. The easiest and fastest build was, appropriately enough, the "Big Easy" cigar box guitar. In general: I have a whole collection of instruments in my house. Most are those i have made myself. Great to know this website is available to I can connect with like-minded others. Cheers!
  • Hi, I'm Brandon from Michigan. I'm a musical instrument enthusiast, especially DIY instruments made from recycled or inexpensive parts. I've been looking through the site as a spectator for ideas and inspiration for instruments for some time before joining. The instruments I've built include a cardboard box upright bass decorated with duct tape. I've also built tin can two string cello or spike fiddle inspired instrument, and a one-string weedwacker line piezoelectric boat paddle bass guitar (a hybrid of the one string diddley bow and the washtub gutbucket type bass).
  • Hi, This is Cigar Box Scott from Dayton, Ohio. I'm a gigging musician, building my act on my Shane Speal electro-resonator 4-string. I play neo-folk music, new versions of old songs.

    I'm looking for opportunities to play across the country. Send me your recommendations! Thanks! www.cigarboxscott.com

  • Hey Y'all,

    I signed on because of the stuff I read about piezos over at the Cigar Box Guitar store.  I bought a bunch of stuff there for a Lap Steel build I've been working on.

    I have been doing some building over the years, a couple 5 string Canjo's, and a big ol' upright but not uptight gut bucket bass.  Also built and restored some regular old guitars, banjos and mandolins.

    This time out, I want to build one of them Fender Telecaster Acoustasonic acoustic/electrickle guitar starting with one of them cheap Tele clones off Ebay.

    I got a TON of questions about piezo which I'll be asking after I do a bunch of searching for what you already know ... and when I find out where it's best for me to ask some non-cigarbox-but-somewhat-closely-related piezo questions ... like just come rod piezos (using obne of them pre-amp thingies) sound better then the disc type.


  • Welcome to all the newbies!

  • Hi all! Just joined the Nation and having a great time looking around the web site. I have posted a few pics already of my builds. I am based in Dorchester in the County of Dorset in the UK where there are a number of CGB builders. I have been building CBGs for about 6 months and thoroughly enjoying the experience. As a science engineer I love working with wood and metal and designing new CGBs is fun as well as sometimes being challenging. 

  • Hi,

    I'm new here. Been doing wood work for 18 months now and have made a good number of Cajon's. 

    Now interested in making  something with strings, so a CBG looks like a very good place to start.  Looking forward to reading the on-line resources and getting a few questions answered.

    First project will be a simple 3 string CBG with a plywood box and a piezo.  Looking at a 25" scale and a Diatonic fret board.  If 6 strings are 3 strings too many, then 24 frets are 12 too many for a beginner.

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Better late than never...

After joining this forum in 2014, I finally have my 1st CBG which my wife bought for me at the weekend (a 4 string from Frethound Custom Guitars).  I was never going to get around to building one. Now to learn to use a slide.WhatsApp Image 2024-04-14 at 16.53.40.jpeg

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My 1st CGB

Just finished my 1st freeless acoustic CBG, based on the #Glenn Watt design. 31inch neck, 25inch scale, 42/32/24 gauge strings. Sycamore neck and a 200mm x 180mm x 45mm box made from 7mm ply. Neck finished with Osmo oil wax with fret marked on using pyrograph. 2 x 12mm sound holes. As you might notice it's a corrie-fisted one (left handed to those non-Scots!) Got it tuned now, just got to learn how to play it!!IMG_20240116_153022.jpg

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Hi, y'all.

Hi, I'm HazelFyrebird, and I'm a wannabe luthier (I feel like I'm standing up at a Builder's Anonymous meeting...) in Virginia.  I'm a bit of a lurker, as I've been reading and reading for a while, and this is my first post.  I'm a musical social butterfly: in addition to being a lifelong singer, I seem to collect instruments and play some, pretend to learn others, and "just gaze at the pretties" for still others.  I want to get back into playing fiddle, and money's tight, so here I am.  I plan…

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I Am Blaming All of You with YouTube Channels.

This is not so much of a reintroduction as a rebirth so to speak. I joined Cigar Box Nation many, many years ago when I initially developed an interest in more "primitive" instruments, CBGs, mountain dulcimers, diddly bows, canjos and "strumstick" type instruments. I am primarily a bass player but stringed instruments of all types hold a fascination for me. And then the injury happened. I sustained nerve damage in my left arm that would no longer allow me to fret anything. my had was useless. I…

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