Hi, y'all.

Hi, I'm HazelFyrebird, and I'm a wannabe luthier (I feel like I'm standing up at a Builder's Anonymous meeting...) in Virginia.  I'm a bit of a lurker, as I've been reading and reading for a while, and this is my first post.  I'm a musical social butterfly: in addition to being a lifelong singer, I seem to collect instruments and play some, pretend to learn others, and "just gaze at the pretties" for still others.  I want to get back into playing fiddle, and money's tight, so here I am.  I plan to make a few stick dulcimer/cookie tin canjos to work out kinks first, then try a CBF.  My end goal is a 5-string fiddle, but I haven't decided if I'll do a 2- &/or 4-stringer first.  

I'm gathering up tools for the new "habit": my partner and I have a few standard power tools in the workshop, and I've picked up a miter box for scarf joints, a peghole reamer, a peg shaver, and am working on sharpening up the chisels.  I hope to start (and post pics of) my first build in progress soon!

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  • Look forward to your pics of the first build or the journey towards your 1st build. ! Good luck!

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