I Am Blaming All of You with YouTube Channels.

This is not so much of a reintroduction as a rebirth so to speak. I joined Cigar Box Nation many, many years ago when I initially developed an interest in more "primitive" instruments, CBGs, mountain dulcimers, diddly bows, canjos and "strumstick" type instruments. I am primarily a bass player but stringed instruments of all types hold a fascination for me.

And then the injury happened. I sustained nerve damage in my left arm that would no longer allow me to fret anything. my had was useless. I had surgery but it has taken 10 years to get back where I am now playing simple walking bass lines on a short scale bass. Until recently, I had pretty much given up playing again. The short scale has proven to be a positive experience for me though, even if I am a bit rusty.

And then somehow..... It must have been Shane sensing a disturbance in the force or something....... I stumbled across I don't know how many hundreds of YouTube videos about CBGs. Building, playing, more building, tips on pickup selections and placement. Diddly Bows, Canjos, Dulcimers...... I was overwhelmed with all of the videos and the variety of characters playing and making these instruments. I watch nothing but CBG videos for 2 straight days.

And I thought..... I could play one of those!

So me being totally worthless in a workshop, I ordered one from CBG Workshop on Etsy. (See pic below) It is a wonderful little instrument. Tuned in G-D-G. Very well put together and has a nice tone. But in MY hands, it is apparently a potato. I figured my hands were just not dexterous enough to work with the smaller string and fret spacing yet. OK..... I'll take up slide playing. Unfortunately, 99% of the videos that I have found still involve some finger work even when playing with a slide.

So does anyone know of really good videos that are 100% slide playing with no finger work? I plan to work on that as well but it would be nice to hear something coming out of this wonderful little box besides the screeches and squawks I'm making with it.

In the meantime.... I'm still blaming you guys and your YouTube channels for sucking me back in.


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  • @A.D.EKER- Thanks for the comments! Right now I am using a brass slide that I had previously but I'm not 100% sold on it. I really would like to find a glass/Pyrex slide that fits my finger properly.

    @Alan Bluesboxguitars- What crossroads did HE use?? I can just imagine a jam with him and SRV together.

  • Nice looking Build !Mr Bannier ! see why you fallen in love again, once you got one, fiddle about a bit whit tuning the 3 string  GDG is a good one  DAD  or GAD , but a split up from standard tuning can get you in a different realm  aswell.    EAD  GBE  Open E   BEG  ,changing up your slide ,whit every change of tuning makes a hole lot of differens aswell

    Glas, Copper ,Ceramic, alluminum, Bamboo, Bone, they all give a different tone and harchness to the approche of  the Instrument.

    and thats whit out to much vingering ,allthow  subtle vingering is never to be disregarded, a brusch or a lay down can give just the right tone to get a good groove ! 

    Have a Go ! and see what you like ,i mean amplification ,and effects, does wonders Have fun the more effort you put in the more pleasure you get out ! Kind greeeeetszz Have a great time sliding William ! A.D.

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