Saint Joseph, MO


March 27

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  • William, here’s the Slinger’s One-finger songbook, everything is played with one finger, so it’ll be easy to play all the songs with a slide. There’s no special finger picking, just a couple simple strums & super easy chords? Cheers :) 


  • Hello,
    I have started a CBN group entitled, "How to Play CBG" It is my hope and intention to encourage the "Wealth of Talent" here on the Nation to share their knowledge and skill to further the CBG movement. Please consider contributing an instructional "video" link to this group. If you are a viewer seeking instruction, please feel free to write. If you have any suggestions or know other players who you think may want to post instructional "video" links, please contact me. Thank you for your interest and support, Keni Lee
  • Thank you for your comment about the outrageous video. I understand your viewpoint, but I usually don't like to be negative about people's performance abilities (because Lord knows I learning too). You should see some of his other videos. They are comedic in nature and remind me of a randy Benny Hill show. It is too bad there is a language barrier. Enjoy.
  • Hey William,
    Thanks for your comments on the Li'l bastard I built... Il do a sound clip when I get chance. As for building one, I say go for it.... its very liberating being able to build without a thought for measuring, drying times or quality control!!
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