Inverness, Scotland


February 5



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  • Thanks for the request.  How are things with you?   Jess

  • Hi RM

    I'm about straight with the boxes now. If you email me your email address I can send you some photo's.




  • Hi RM
    about the boxes pictured. I'm across in North Norfolk, so in the UK. I've literally just collected them from the auction yesterday so haven't really gone through them fully.
    I have a show to get out of the way this weekend (we deal in vintage eyewear) so once that's over and done with I'll have time to go through them and takes some photo's and measurements etc.
    What I can do is send you some pictures of the larger boxes across as I do so if you email me at darren@deadmensspex.com . Also let me know what sizes are best for you.
    There are a lot of boxes. I'll be keeping some but the rest will be up for grabs (we need the room :oD )
    All the best
  • Hey cheers for the add, yeah am definitely looking my dreams and my bank balance seem to be at odds but if i manage to convince the mrs to stop eating and drinking for a few months i be reet haha.
  • Hi Ben,
    Once again, sorry I can't make it this year to Boxstock. Can I give my official apologies for not being at the HGMC AGM too?

  • I like the CB Banjo, always wondered why the bottom bit had to be round, so need to find a few bits in my workshop and get started on one.


  • Hi Ben, love your craftsmanship! Vermapyre use the guitars that you made for us often! great sound and they look so perfect! all the beast, d


  • cock a doodle doo

    have a great birthday rooster

  • Some extremly cool guitars on your photos Randy! Have you ever thought about doing a Flying V shaped CBG? I'd love a Flying V styled four string fretted guitar for really rocking out to some Classic Rock CBG style! Let me know if it takes your fancy!

  • thanks, this should help, or confuse the hell out of me.

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