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  • It never ceases to amaze me that the folks in this part of country are relatively unaware of the cigar box instrument.  Here's my interview with the local news station that should help get the word out around here.   http://www.wbir.com/videos/news/local/five-at-four/2015/08/19/cigar...

  • At this moment I'm actually at #1 on Amazon.com MP3 Downloads>Songs>Blues>Delta Blues with my cigar box guitar instrumental Ballad of the Swamp Monster and #2 on Amazon.com MP3 Downloads>Songs>Rock>Root Rock...well I thought it was cool...they update it hourly so I won't stay there long...


  • A friend just showed me this new site!  WAAAAY COOL!  GOTTA LOVE THIS!


  • Please watch the spam Mr. Hanks
  • Here is a link to Cowbell Magazine. I got it in an email and I was curious as to what kind of magazine it was. It is a music magazine. What caught my eye and I thought you guys might find interesting is the picture on page 10. This is about an Indie music label called "Sub Pop" and apparently they are spinning off a new label "New Ambiance" getting in to the world music genre. The picture is of a band called "Ngoni ba" and the leader is a musician named Bassekou Kouyate. Getting back to what caught my eye were the instruments. These were homemade instruments and they are called "ngoni." Which is seen by some as the ancestor of the banjo. If anyone is interested in seeing or reading this article about a homemade instrument that has been around and is still around today, you might enjoy this article.


  • A day late but,wanted to wish all of the CBN a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!
  • to all cbg members my web site is now up and running it is bluesdudeguitars.com thanks george
  • thanks for the invite Ted!!!
  • Thanks for the invite Ted, I like the whole idea of CBG News,finally, some news that's worth putting in ones head. (:>}
  • Thanks Ted for the invite.
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Bo Diddley

So I was watching the Blues Brothers 2000 the other night, when at the end I saw Bo Diddley playing a guitar that looked a lot like a cigar box guitar. I know he is famous for the Diddley Bow but did not realize that he designed this guitar and got Gretsch to make them for him. Bo Diddley Guitars

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Great new CBG Player

Husky Burnette has been infected by CBG check out his EP it has a great CBG Track on it!   http://huskyburnette.bandcamp.com/   His is on tour starting the 6th and he is playing Speals!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq1yJdR0DF4   Here he is getting his new CBG   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=752PeEMktHw

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"Cigar Box Banjo" now on bookshelves

The book "Cigar Box Banjo: Notes on Music and Life" by Paul Quarrington is now on bookshelves. - This is not a "How-to" manual but reflections on the author's life as a musician. From the publisher's notes: Product Description In Paul Quarrington's favorite childhood recording, a boy fashions a banjo from a cigar box, pluckily sets off for a contest in the next town, and wins with a song that weaves in the sounds he hears along the way: a bluebird trilling, truck tires whining. Years later, a…

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