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  • Hi,

    New to the group. Looking for a box for a resonator build. After a Las Cabrillas Balboa 25 box although I don't expect to get one in Aus as it appears Las Cabrillas aren't sold here.

    Need a box around 300 x 215 x 55, all timber, no paper covering. If anyone has one that fits the bill they don't need, please get in touch.


  • Hi

    I built a tenor cigar box Uke earlier this year as I play with a couple of groups on the ukulele in Port Macquarie. I have just completed my first cigar box 3 string Guitar tuned GDG.

    So far I have not come across any other players of the cigar box guitar in the area.


  • Hi there, I live in Newcastle, NSW and have just built my first 3 string. Have been watching YT videos to learn stuff. Having fun!Photo of my first build

  • Hi guys/gals, live in Beverly Hills NSW, wondering if there is a meeting place for people who play CBGs in this area. Am currently doing lessons in Oatley and enjoying it.

  • Percy Phelps - I made my first CGB using a "tea" box I got from a craft store in Brisbane. I have to say it was pretty bad - even given it was my first attempt. I lived in the US for a while and scored a few cigar boxes so have all I need for the moment. It doesn't have to be a cigar box, but make sure the wood of any box you source or make is reasonably "hard" - the tea box was very soft wood which is what I think made it such a bad option.

  • I still have a heap of very good boxes. See earlier post.

  • Hi Mike, welcome.
  • Hey guys. New member. Im in Sydney.
  • Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has any info on building faux cigar boxes (given that real ones are so hard to get and expensive in Oz).

  • hey folks, i'm uk based but will be in Oz for 3 weeks from the 15th. staying just south of perth. if there is anything going on there would love to play while i'm there. cheers

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Aussie tuning pegs.

Where are you all getting your tuners from? I've been mostly getting them from china with mixed results. Some have been ok, some total junk and some haven't shown up at all. I don't mind paying a little extra if I know they are going to be decent. There must be a middle ground between $5-10 for garbage or $60 for "proper" gears. Any recommendations?

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Hey guys. I've just finished my 2nd build. I put a p90 in. Sounded great in the dry run before finishing. So a couple of issues now i have it all back together. I earthed the strings via the tail piece to the out jack and now when I touch the strings I get alot of amp noise. It's worse with the volumn down. The tone pot' s not working as well as it did in the dry run either. I tightened the pot's pretty tight. Could that be a problem, have I damaged them?, and what about the earthing?

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Lite vs medium strings. Go!

Ok so im 3 strings and im gdg. Scale length 25.5". I'm using lite strings at the moment and I'm happy with the tension and sustain on the 2nd & 3rd, but the first string, tuned correctly, seems much looser and has got that buzz. I'm thinking a heavier gauge might fix the problem. Have I got this all wrong? I'd just like a bit more tension on the first string.

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