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Aussie tuning pegs.

Where are you all getting your tuners from? I've been mostly getting them from china with mixed results. Some have been ok, some total junk and some haven't shown up at all. I don't mind paying a little extra if I know they are going to be decent. Th

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Hey guys. I've just finished my 2nd build. I put a p90 in. Sounded great in the dry run before finishing. So a couple of issues now i have it all back together. I earthed the strings via the tail piece to the out jack and now when I touch the strings

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Lite vs medium strings. Go!

Ok so im 3 strings and im gdg. Scale length 25.5". I'm using lite strings at the moment and I'm happy with the tension and sustain on the 2nd & 3rd, but the first string, tuned correctly, seems much looser and has got that buzz. I'm thinking a heavie

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Dog Bowl Resonator CBG

1079786306?profile=original1079785529?profile=original1079786401?profile=original1079783136?profile=original1079786841?profile=originalHi Guys, I thought I'd try posting on this Aussie site. This guitar is my first CBG reso, although I have built full size Dobro and solid body Resonator guitars.

This is experimental as building is one thing, getting a good sound is another. I'm work

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Hey Guys,

Just letting you know that I have kits available.

You can get to them HERE ON EBAY or send me a message.

The kits are complete including a suitable timber cigar box, frets, tuners, nut, saddle, bridge, position markers, strings, piezo, wire

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Alexanders Cigars on Toorak Rd (Melbourne) has a shelf of empty cigar boxes. $3 for a plain one, $4 if it has hardware. Most of the ones they had when I went in were pretty small.

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Hey guys, Getting a hold of a decent cigar box and all of the parts for a c.b.g build can be quite difficult and time consuming so why not save yourself the hassle and buy a complete kit from M.J.S C.B.G. Some tobacconists and other sellers are prici

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Watch this Space

Hey Guys, here is a pic of a whole heap of "tonewood" I have just cut to length ready to be taken through the thicknesser. I will be cutting to size 3 and 4 string necks and fretboards. The timber is mainly New Guinea Rosewood, there is some mahogony

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