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  • Collaboration entitled : direct current

    Key of G

    bpm: 131


  • 306673761?profile=original

    cbg 2 collaboration

    Key: G

    120 bpm


  • 306674531?profile=original

    Ok. Well ya gotta start somewhere. Hope this is the right place for this post. Mid winter mini collaboration. He'p me now, He'p me.

    Key of G         cbg.mp3

    100 bpm

    Thanks y'all  

  • I just grabbed this vintage R2R from CL. Went through it, a little beat up, but still works. Made one quick test, sounds great. Look forward to some analog recordings.


  • She%20Sho%20Can%20Rock.mp3              

    This is a mp3 to a song I just finish. I played my CBG Western padron on the track with My Vocals any one want to add some Lead guitar, Bass , percussion to the mix . It's played in the Key of G if you would like to add something . I have not posted this one yet.

  • Guys we run an unofficial radio station and hope to do another podcast for Christmas. If anyone wants to send a song (mp3 or wav) let me or Slow Paw

    or even record a joint one

    Let me or Steve know "CBGUKRadio" wants your tunes for a Christmas special....

    We cant play everyone's but will give it a dam good go.

    I use lots of things to record, Irig record is free for you Iphone and does a great job if you happen to have phone,

    Acid pro is good

    Line pod 6 Ux1 or 2 are fun too...

    A good mic and a valve pre-amp are sweet too..

    m on bandcamp

  • here is a new cd I just posted. If anyone wants to put some tracks on to it go ahead just let me hear what you do with it. Enjoy

  • Cancel my previous question. Just heard back from the OP. He deleted it. Sorry!

  • I just noticed the discussion thread on the project I was recently involved with has disappeared. Do these threads normally get deleted after a project is concluded? I wanted to show it to to a musician friend of mine (who was thinking of joining) to show her some of what people do around here. Please advise? :-)

    This was the original link if needed:

  • Hey there, just saw your post, I haven't been on CBN for a while, just been busy with band and music and guitars.

    Here is the info and links to my band, The Budrows...

    Please read the bio's, check the video's, etc. and let me know if you have any questions. If you are in the Southern California area, you should come out to see us sometime, we are playing next tuesday in Long Beach.

    Thanks, and good stuff on Guitar World, rock on!!!

    Jason Farthing

This reply was deleted.

Dubbing over videos?

I'm curious as to what software is trustworthy to use when downloading youtube or other internet vids to a mac? I can easily dub over my own vids I take with a Kodak Zi8 in iMovie, but getting internet vids into iMovie with a trusted source seems challenging. Any thoughts or ideas to even work around downloading a software would be helpful. Thanks in advance. BLC

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Share lyrics and sing my song?

I'm not building at the moment. I need to wait to buy parts and supplies due to finances and I'm pretty torn up with nothing to do for a week or so. That's all by the by but it explains a little towards this. I've written a song but don't have the skills to figure out the music to go with it. I'm still in the really early stages of learning cbg anyway and couldn't do a song justice right now. Even playing is doing something for me so playing and singing is out of my reach by a stretch. I'd love…

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Can Only Ask (semi collaboration)

Hey all, I am in need of an original up-beat slide with backing acoustic intro, sort of honky tonk or Jig for want of a better term/genre/word(s) approximately 2m:30s to 3:00 (useable) for a track we're working on, in short I can build a CBG but playing it proficiently ain't there yet, feel sorry for me I'm a keyboard player ;-) Essentially the recording will fade off in to now 12 minutes of analogue synths (think Tangerine Dream) then return at the end in some form that I've yet to decide on,…

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Analog Recording

Hey Nation, I'm very interested in different types of methods to record live music on tape. I have discovered that by using an old mono VCR that I get a wonderful warm type of recording that really captures my tone Vs doing it digitally. Granted the digital media is much easier to upload & send, but I feel the difference in the quality of the audio is worth the additional effort to share. I am also being given an older reel to reel to play with & look forward to experimenting with that media.…

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