Share lyrics and sing my song?

I'm not building at the moment. I need to wait to buy parts and supplies due to finances and I'm pretty torn up with nothing to do for a week or so. That's all by the by but it explains a little towards this.

I've written a song but don't have the skills to figure out the music to go with it. I'm still in the really early stages of learning cbg anyway and couldn't do a song justice right now. Even playing is doing something for me so playing and singing is out of my reach by a stretch. I'd love to hear it played though so is it the done thing to share new lyrics and have someone else compose and play it? It's typical blues, my dog's ran off with the cat from down the road and I've lost my bottle opener, type stuff but if anyone would like to have a go I'd be honoured. Is this the done thing around these here parts though? Someone please tell me if I'm overstepping boundaries by asking this :)

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