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Dubbing over videos?

I'm curious as to what software is trustworthy to use when downloading youtube or other internet vids to a mac? I can easily dub over my own vids I take with a Kodak Zi8 in iMovie, but getting internet vids into iMovie with a trusted source seems cha

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Analog Recording

Hey Nation, I'm very interested in different types of methods to record live music on tape. I have discovered that by using an old mono VCR that I get a wonderful warm type of recording that really captures my tone Vs doing it digitally. Granted the

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Can Only Ask (semi collaboration)

Hey all,

I am in need of an original up-beat slide with backing acoustic intro, sort of honky tonk or Jig for want of a better term/genre/word(s) approximately 2m:30s to 3:00 (useable) for a track we're working on, in short I can build a CBG but play

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hello, i'm new here

my name is michael steele. i play,sing,write and record. oh, and i build too.

this group caught my eye because i'm really into recording my own stuff (and others too).

when i use CBG's on a recording i really want to capture the soul and vibe of the

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12 Bar Blues, take 1 and 2

Here is a slow 12 bar blues track to jam to or record with. Have fun!

"Take 2" is my attempt at a "home made" version with an improvised "drum track" and some CBG

Lets try to keep the song project discussions on topic and discuss general recording di

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pickup direct to recorder

I thought i would share an idea i had and tried over a year ago , did it and forgot it till now. i patched  my 3 string cbg directly to the digital hand held recorder, rendered pretty good recording a little muddy probably from extremely cheap cord,

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