Original Collaborative Album Idea

After all the recent 'tribute' albums on cbn, how about an album of original material based on the theme of the seven deadly sins?


The idea is you pick one sin, record a track, then we'll combine the 7 individual sins into one 30minute ish piece of music.

Once all 7 are taken that would then be one 'collection of music'. and a new collection will be available to use.

Any style from delta blues to avant garde - nothing's ruled in or out!

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  7sins download

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  • UPDATE - as of today,7/23/16, the download link is broken :(

  • added a free download link for the album in the main post.


  • 2 weeks left until the deadline, guys.

  • 2 collections of sins claimed so far guys.

    thinking of closing submissions 30th september which leaves a month to record these suckers...

  • welcome aboard derick. got you down for 'greed'

  • Put me down for greed. Please and thank you

  • Ծ_Ծ ANGER (ಠ_ಠ)

  • Just composing a rough draft of PRIDE lyrics, and will see how they fit into a chord progression I figured out last week. If this recipe works, I'll add some herbs and spices to taste, some extra virgin olive oil and Italien flat leaf parsley, then we'll see how it turns out.
  • Put me down for "Pride", i have a new song that will fit the description (-;

    • pride it is steve-o. this should be a lot of fun

      no copyright bs either...

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