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  • I have been trying to obtain the album discussion CIGAR BOX NATION CHRISTMAS ALBUM 2020 for past 2 years, I missed it at Christmas time 2020. I go to the download link now and its unavailable. Anyway you can e-mail me a link or the download so I can complete my collection. E-mail bbcfloridabound@yahoo.com. Thanks for any help in getting this into my collection, my son Bear loves all the albums. 

  • Hia Steve! So your last one Bites the christmas Dust ! Sorry to hear ! You have in all these years Credited  Yourself for a well executed Job ! Bravo! also for this time, maybee not the amount of  sent in beauty's like years before! But still the deed is done ! well executed as say'd and i thank you for it ! Merry christmas and a Happy new Year!10915160877?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Hi A Steve ! Well Thanks Again for compiling the NCA  this year ! believe the  animo is dropping looking at the members And there contributions!

    There was one No;1 for me this year besides my own, And the Old Pro did it again whit a fine simplistic Minimal Bluestrack ,The Kaizer Nailed it for me! Blaine Walters ,was a great second Whit his "Santa", and Merle was verry surprising whit his reverse Noize Instrumental.

    again thanks for dilivering the goods ! rest me to wisch you and your loved ones a great two christmas days and a smooth change to the New Year !  Season Greeeeetsszz  A.D.

  • Hi a Steve ! Thanks for the Job Done ! all is down loaded ,most tracks come out fine ! whit a fjew exceptions , but i will not look a gifted Horse in the Mouth ! have great days ! whit the Famely and Hopefully till next year !

  • Hello Steve ! thanks for the Invite ! whats your deadline? we will have a crack at it !   thanks!

  • Dude! Where abouts in Devon are you based? I’m in Torquay and play the CBG - check out my album “cigar box pickin’

  • Happy Day's & and a Good change to the New Year when your ready for it!

    Thank you for the Download,and the Mix! there ar some Odd ones on there this year, have some more samples in the day's to come, all and all verry CB orientated ,for one exception, but i wont go in to that, thank you again for the compilation ,appricate the work and effort  Kind Greeeeetinnggzsszz. A.D.  Eckstein the Blue Grass Classic! no;1 Last Best !

  • Bing Bong...

  • 306521521?profile=original

  • Thanks!306511661?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 And Well Done Steve! Great mix This time!, well balanced and flow of the Tracks, Great Job !! You are the Master at the Controlls! there are some Great tracks among the 31 , this thing whit the compresion rate

    is how you put the album tracks in relation whit one and other? Download  did go smoothly ! a other one down in History ! Thanks Slowpaw !! Happy day's and a Good New !! Greeeettsszz A.D.

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