A cigar box guitar was meant to be played!!! Cigar Box Nation is encouraging all its members to get out and perform in public. Find an open mic and PLAY. Then come in here, post pictures and setlists and exchange ideas. Tune up and rock out.
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  • Last Friday night...  Open Mic...

    "Move It On Over" -- Hank Williams
    "Centerfield" -- John Fogerty

    Nailed it!

  • Last Friday was Open Mic night.  Songs from "O Brother, Thou Art".

    -- Man of Constant Sorrow (Instrumental)
    -- Down in the River to Pray
    -- I'll Fly Away

    Audience seemed to like it.  ;)

    Working on a jazz set for the end of October.

  • Nailed it tonight at Open Mic!

    "Wayfaring Stranger" and "Amazing Grace"!  Some dirty blues action.

  • Rocked it at Open Mic tonight!

    Started the two song set with "Rocky Mountain Way " (Joe Walsh) and ended with an instrumental, "Fever" (Peggy Lee).

    Having fun!

  • Happy New Year!

    I am new to the group.  I am heading up to a local coffee shop January 29 for Open Mic.

    It's usually 2 song sets.  I will be rocking with "Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh) and an instrumental version of "Fever" (Peggy Lee) on my three string CBG Strat. 

    The crowd is very gracious.  Should be a good time!

  • Matt, I really like the opening cut "O Death".  Although most of us were made aware of this song from the KKK scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou", your cover is much more lyrical and intimate.

  • http://jerusalemmules.bandcamp.com/album/o-death the new cd I just made and its free to all who want it!!!

  • http://jerusalemmules.bandcamp.com/ here is a link to a free download of my new cd it is called ax murder hollow. Hope you all like.

  • There's a brand new site that's dedicated to helping us find each other and organize jam sessions in our own areas.  These guys are seriously working hard to help us get together! I happen to be in Houston Tx and they're really helping us out here.  LETS JAM!  southwesternhomemademusic.com  Check it out....

  • Did a spot on saturday afternoon playing a bit of slide - went down well - Barnsley Town Centre Pub too
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Stage Name

Hey all...I am looking for a new stage name.  (Not really but I thought it would be a fun conversation.)I was thinking of something like Seasick Steve and came up with Anthrax Al.  Not really too excited about that.I also thought TrainWreck would be good.  They may not like my music but everyone will stop for a TrainWreck.Thought?  (Keep it clean.) -- Alan

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The house P.A. (and other scarry monsters)

Hello all, I took my latest build to local open mic a few nights ago, it's a four stringer with a piezo inside. I had tested it through a friend's JBL PA, pretty standard and much like what I've seen at the smaller venues locally. Fast forward: It's my turn and the host plugs me in and the cbg sounds pretty thin, he tweaks up as much bottom end as he can and I soldier on. Here's my question, are any of you using an eq stomp box? my cbg has no volume control or tone control so I've been…

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first open mic w/ the 2 nites

hey all - j-bone here - the 2 knights {me & cbeat} played our first open mic last nite at gallery cabert in chicago, il - it was hella awsome - very friendly host, the list was already quite full when we got there, but he gave us a great 1st timers slot - we played 3 quick songs just snare and my 3string "big box" git went off killer - got a good response - sold 2 cds @ 5$ each - got bought a couple drinks - and got smoked out & invited back by the host garret - after our set - dude bought me a…

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Open mic-The dark side.

Having lived in this small town for 10 years, I thought it was time to venture out and play locally, for free, just to see what was going on and maybe meet some nice people.A local pub had the obligatory "open mic-all welcome' sign up so I decided to go.Ever cautious, the first week I go as a punter to check out the scene-it was run by a very well known local musician called Ivor Problem (names have been changed to protect the guilty).It all seemed very inclusive,Ivor  seemed well friendly.I…

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