The house P.A. (and other scarry monsters)

Hello all, I took my latest build to local open mic a few nights ago, it's a four stringer with a piezo inside. I had tested it through a friend's JBL PA, pretty standard and much like what I've seen at the smaller venues locally. Fast forward: It's my turn and the host plugs me in and the cbg sounds pretty thin, he tweaks up as much bottom end as he can and I soldier on. Here's my question, are any of you using an eq stomp box? my cbg has no volume control or tone control so I've been researching stomp boxes for that purpose. My budget is even skinnier than my tone.

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  • TA --

    Thank you for stepping up to the mic!  That is AWESOME!

    I usually place the piezo under the bass side of my 3 strings so there is a "natural" fullness.  I may not sure where your piezo is placed on the git so you might look at that.

    Take a peak at this video.  It's a great tutorial for piezo installation.

    As far as a stomp box, I have not yet acquired the skill to do stomping and twanging at the same time.  

    You could eq it.  I have one with a piezo installed as the video instructs.  Sounds nice and full.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you! great info.
      As far as stomp box I meant one that would go between the guitar and the PA or an amp as in an eq pedal. Thanks again.
    • I see.

      I do have a DigiTech RP100 effects pedal I found used for $40 or so that I use at home.  It allows me to add reverb and distortion if I want.  It also allows for 3 channel EQ and I can use it as a pre-amp by pumping the gain and output.

      I do have a git that I want to use for dirty old rock and roll so the RP100 works great.

      The RP100 is also battery operated so I can use it if I ever decide the do street performing.

      Not sure if that helps.  ;)

    • Huge help! I'll look around for one of those.
    • Yeah.  Hopefully you have a good used music shop that has a variety.  The RP100 works good for me but it is not the only one out there.

      We have a shop that allows you to purchase with a 30 return policy.  That allows you to plug it in and see if it is really what you are looking for.  

      So what songs did you do?  

    • I taped the set list to the box (handy!)
      Lonely People:America
      Ruby Tuesday: Stones
      Everybody's Talking at me: Harry Nilsen
      The Way: Fastball
      Guitar Man: Bread
      1 man band: Me
    • Nice.  Working on Eric Clapton's "Cocaine".  Will change it to "Caffeine". Open Mic is in a coffee shop.  ;)

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