first open mic w/ the 2 nites

hey all - j-bone here - the 2 knights {me & cbeat} played our first open mic last nite at gallery cabert in chicago, il - it was hella awsome - very friendly host, the list was already quite full when we got there, but he gave us a great 1st timers slot - we played 3 quick songs just snare and my 3string "big box" git

went off killer - got a good response - sold 2 cds @ 5$ each - got bought a couple drinks - and got smoked out & invited back by the host garret -

after our set - dude bought me a beer and ask about my git - talked with him for a bit about cbgs, tunings and slide and what not - then he ask me to sit in on a tune of theirs - 12 bar blues thing in A - i said hells yeah! - so that was rad - 


now, i play in a full time touring punk rock band -we are in pre production of our 2nd full length album now, so we have not played out or been on the road since last august - alot of sittin around the studio- and man - that road is a callin - playin this open mic really gave me a bit of that "back on the road" feel, out of the comfort zone - in that you are going out to play, but really dont know what to expect, - thats the adventure i love - 




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