Stage Name

Hey all...

I am looking for a new stage name.  (Not really but I thought it would be a fun conversation.)

I was thinking of something like Seasick Steve and came up with Anthrax Al.  Not really too excited about that.

I also thought TrainWreck would be good.  They may not like my music but everyone will stop for a TrainWreck.

Thought?  (Keep it clean.)

-- Alan

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  • Contemplating my inability to keep a beat and may go with "Unsafe at Any Speed">

    (Special thanks to Ralph Nader!)

  • with your avatar  ,,,   gotta  be  "mad Al"   now  .   ;-)

  • Eh, trainwrecks make me think of toxic spills.

     Maybe carwreck is better ;)

    Alan the Stallion has a good ring to it.

    • Thanks, Murdoc.

      I like the chugging beat so TrainWreck might be good.  If I were Italian, Alan the Italian Stallion would be perfect.

      Saw your post on the Colorado site.  Nice to know I am not alone!  ;)

    •  Australian would also work ;)

       You're not alone but it is lonely around here (Co). There is another guy in town that builds, cigar shop guy has a really cool one on the shelf and I have seen him post them on Craigslist but that post is now gone. Haven't run into him yet though. 

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