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  • Hey, we think on the right side, but I have made ,so far, two through necks  because I cut the box wrong for a righty.  Also, have three I have made, but need to sell two, since I only play the favorite and can't donate a lefty for a fund raiser!  

  • Hey welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing your cbg build, I'm about done with mine

  • Hello fellow Southpaws. Just starting to build cbg's and now I'll have some help with all the peculiarities of a lefty gitty. Very refreshing! 

  • hey what's up, i'm a lefty as well so i know the frustration 

  • Hey all you 'South-Paws' out there.

    Ya got another one here from Ireland. Nearly finished my first basic 3 string fretless. No woodwork experience at all, no man-cave, tool shed, or tools for that matter, Just a 2yr old daughter running wild when I get a few precious moments in the day to drill or sand something! LOL

    Has been a real eye opener. Kudos to all you Guys'n'Gals for your wonderful creations. Credit to you all. I cannot even play guitar. I tried many times to play a 6 string but couldn't get my head around the chords and as y'all know, being a leftie can be tough as you can't pick up someones guitar at a party a knock out a tune, so I decided to to forget it as a lost cause. Then I read up on CBG's, no rules, mess around, have fun... Thats it, I'm in!

    Hope to post a pic of my attempt real soon,




  • Greetings from Texas, fellow lefties.
  • For the guys having trouble with left hand pics. heat up right handers till they become soft and, reshape them to your liking.


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  • Hi all, another lefty for your group. I'm from Hailey,Idaho.

    I've just finished my 6th build and feel that I now have some knowledge about what everyone has been talking about. I'm a woodworker by trade so I had that part. now I want to know how to make them sound prestine. Thanks in advance for having me. 

  • Hi everybody, I've being hoping to find a group like this. i 'm a lefty, and just started building 3 string cbg's. but having trouble working out how to set the intonation for a lefty. and ideas or help would be great. I've built two 3 stringers, and i'm starting to work on my first 4 string. Hope everyone had a great and safe New years.

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