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  • Hello I just joined 4 string C G B so loking forward to some hel, Just new to building as well New to playing to You could say I am an old guy new to everything CBG.

  • Thomas, build a 3 string, but with 4 strings  : )  JK.  Not much difference, really.  Be real careful laying out and drilling your tuners.  Spend lots of time there.  Be sure to leave space for your hand between fret 1 and the nearest tuner.  It can get pretty crowded there if your tuner is too close to the nut.

  • Building first 4 string any tips or tricks would help

  • Very nice build, Eric

  • Just wanted to share my version of the Punch Gran Puro. A very well suited box in deed.306488095?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • A way to may an impact in your community is donate a 4-string build for auction to benefit your favorite cause.  Recently I have donated to three different organizations and their respective auctions (all benefited breast cancer research).  All 4 stringers, electric pickups.  They have raised: $350, $375 & last night $550.  Each donated "anonymously."  Just a way to leverage your talent and out of pocket into a sizable donation for a benefit of your choice.

  • A Public Hanging....I got invited to show some of my instruments at an art walk event this Friday.  They will be displayed in a small, crowded gallery/office and I am wondering about the best way to display them.  Any of you have ideas on temporary hanging solutions or other public display ideas?

  • hmmmm....sure don't remember John Wayne wielding a CBG - but it's a long time since I've seen that movie!  ;-)

  • The Texan





    Recently recovered from the basement of the Alamo, this four-string cigar box guitar was reportedly a previously unknown major element in the historic battle of 1836 at the famous mission in San Antonio. Used by Davy Crockett as a club after all ammunition had been expelled, the guitar features a 23.5” scale, Gibson-style tuners, spent cartridge fret markers, Ranger star and Alamo-shaped headstock.  Lying in his sickbed, Colonel James Bowie himself fashioned the neck with his famous knife. While his illness was undiagnosed, many of those under his command said they believe he was feeling “The Blues”.


    Irrefutable proof of this previously undiscovered cigar box guitar and its' role at the Battle of the Alamo.

    Photo courtesy of I.M. Afraud.

  • Looks great for a first git.  Thanks for showing it to us.

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Neck install

Hello all, I picked up a neck from a 6 string solid body. Any ideas or pictures of the best way to install it into a cigar box? I never used a pre made neck in any of my builds. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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