Get updates on The Cigar Box Guitar Museum at Speal's Tavern, the world's first permanent museum collection of Cigar Box Guitars.  Speal's Tavern is located near Pittsburgh in the town of New Alexandria, PA. 

Speal's features live blues every Friday and Saturday and an open stage on Thursdays.  Under 21 are permitted before 10:30pm.

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  • Introducing myself to this group, sharing my museum with your museum! Would love to come see yours in-person someday. Peace & Love!

  • The ukulele is an instrument that has been present since the beginning of the Blues ...
    Commonly Ukuleles come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone.
    There are also many Ukuleles made of CIGAR BOX and CANS or TINS ... Join, invite and add friends ...

  • thanks shane i enjoy your teaching videos learning something daily

  • Is there a "Speal's Tavern" sticker available yet? there is vacant space on my drum waiting for one..! (-;

  • Hello All,

    I found this site and had my interest sparked in CBGs by the thread on  Big thanks to whoever it was who submitted the info about the CBG Museum.  Cool stuff!


  • I'll be there one day. Never say die!!

  • We've been featured on BoingBoing!!!

  • It's an honor to have one of my CBG's in the Museum.

  • To be added to the Cigar Box Guitar Museum this weekend:  a beautiful James Beard Perdomo 3-string.  THANKS, JAMES!!!


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The " ultimate" cigar box (modern and old) to get a grat sounding cbg.

 Hi ! I would really like to know what cigar box brands I should try to get my hands on to get a good cbg,so I wonder what boxes are the "most prefered" among the modern boxes and also among older ones?I do understand this probably is a matter of what each one likes,but I guess there must be some guidelines to go on,and personal favorites for everyone.I am only at my second build so I do not have to mush to compare with,but I prefer my Gran Corona box compared to my Ramon Alones (wraped box).It…

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