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  • We got our order yesterday just in time for Christmas.

    It included the two speaker CBG amp, which is just beautiful.

    Thanks you CB Gitty, and Merry Christmas!!!

  • What BrianQ said.

  • Merry Xmas guys n gals of cbgitty, I appreciate what you’re doing for the cigar box community, keep up the good work!!!

  • Ben , thanx for $5 Friday, I’m loving it!


    Thanks for the FAST response!!!

  • Hello Rodger, yes that is definitely on the to-do list. Expanding our line of necks and fretboards is a high priority. Options!

  • Any chance we might see a though neck style 23" scale that's fully fretted?

    I'm not a huge fan of bolt ons. I fear that I may botch the drilling and have the whole thing miss aligned.


  • Thanks, Duck!
  • Hi Scott. The threaded part of the pot is just over 7/16". What I have done when mounting them on a thin box is shim the back side with washers so it doesn't stick through too much. I make some of my own knobs too so I just drill the depth to fit on some of them.

  • Can anyone tell me the length of the threaded shaft on the "standard long-shaft 250K and 500K Pots"? I just want to make sure that the depth of a standard knob will not leave a metal shaft showing below the knob without modifying them.
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I just finished building a hobo fiddle from a kit and it turned out really well.  This one has the nylon strings.  I was wondering if anyone has built one and installed steel strings and if so what guage would work for the higher pitch.  

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CBG Tune-O-Matics?

Up until recently, I have used tuneomatics on my builds. A simple mod by removing the first and last saddles to accommodate a 4 string guitar.  I just screw the bridge down without thumbwheels or  the wooden base. Fits a flat top nicely without any mods to the wood or box as you would a telecaster. Anyway, I thought there should be a 4 saddle tune-o-matic floating around so I spent a whole night googling for one.  I saw some bass versions but the measurements proved to be too large for a CBG. …

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Pure and Simple kit

Finished my first CBG kit from CB Gitty. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and ease of building. The instrument is a blast to play too. My wife and I were taking turns on it and practicing riff from Shane Spiel's YouTube videos. Are CBGs the new crack? Cause I feel like I'm addicted.

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