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I just finished building a hobo fiddle from a kit and it turned out really well.  This one has the nylon strings.  I was wondering if anyone has built one and installed steel strings and if so what guage would work for the higher pitch.  

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CBG Tune-O-Matics?

Up until recently, I have used tuneomatics on my builds. A simple mod by removing the first and last saddles to accommodate a 4 string guitar.  I just screw the bridge down without thumbwheels or  the wooden base. Fits a flat top nicely without any m

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Pure and Simple kit

Finished my first CBG kit from CB Gitty. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and ease of building. The instrument is a blast to play too. My wife and I were taking turns on it and practicing riff from Shane Spiel's YouTube videos. Are CBGs the new

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Plezo pickup

I think I have a plan to snug this Gitty piezo bar under a brass bridge/saddle. Thing is I'd like to epoxy it all under their for easier install and permanintness. Anyone think it would dampen the pickup?


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Ground loop

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum.  I've found this and CB Gitty because I like to create/modify most toy instruments and CB Gitty seems to always pop up when I am looking for parts.

My first question is about proper grounding.  I've been using 20mm and

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rod piezo as bridge

I really love the preamp and rod piezo setup. My question is, I got the best tone when I used the rod piezo on top of the guitar as a bridge. Really cut down on the finger noise. I ended up putting it in a hollow rod on top of the guitar for protecti

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Product Requests

This is the place to suggest new products for us to carry, or discuss how existing products could be improved. Many of our product decisions are directly based on feedback from customers and friends, so we definitely appreciate your input!

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