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May 15
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"Thanks man, we appreciate it. Hope you're doing well!"
May 10
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May 10
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May 10
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"Hey Brian, thanks for sharing this here. We've been on a bit of a hiatus with Eastwood Station due to some heavy RL stuff going on, but hope to get back at it soon! We have a second album halfway done."
May 10
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It's the build a big yellow blob contest!
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Aug 3, 2021

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  • Paint can lids massaged into cone resonators.  I just got two from you and I am pleased and impressed.  I think they will sound great and the price is pretty right.   Fast shipping as usual.  Thanks.

  • As you develop the new "mountain music" tablature book could you included bar breaks and timing so if we don't know the song or music we could learn it. As I'm a newbie to this and find it easier to learn and develop bar by bar building progressively. Thanks, I've got cigar box songbook volume 1 and am not sure of when notes are played. I'm look forward to the release of the new songbook as it sounds like you'll be including music that interest me.

  • Thanx for $5 Friday, great idea!

  • Ben hey, I had a workshop with newbies in cbg matters, and we checked different methods of slotting a fretboard: just with a knifelike japanese saw with a narrow blade, with your guitar fretting starter kit, and with Chickenbone John's fret slotting tools.
    Your guitar fretting starter kit I had to modify in two points: the mitre box is too narrow for metric cut timber, 1.5" is somewhat less than our 40mm or 1.575": I had to replace it with my own; why not a 2" mitre box usable for larger four or six stringer fretboards too?
    Typical mistake of my newbies: the cut for the fret is not level but higher in the mid of the board, so hammering in the mid loosens the ends of the frets; adding a feeler to check the cut is deep enough and level would greatly improve the value of this valuable package, at the cost of some cents.
    Have a good time, Moritz
  • Happy day o' Birth. Thanks for all you did and do with Shane. You guys make it better for us try-it-yourselfer's. I get excited to see new emails and broadcasts from ya'll. Many more years of love.

    Ethen Baker

  • Happy B-Day Young-in'.

  • Happy birth, Ben, and thanks for all the work you do for CBGs and those who love them.

  • Happy Birthday Ben wish you another 40 years!!!
  • I'm with ya Jim on that those cats rock!
    Now i can see a Gitty WV location with Your master skills at the helm!!!!!


  • Thanks much for the friend request Ben. I had been making instruments for a few years before discovering CB Nation but thanks to you and the many helpful members here I was able to do things I'd never imagined before. You and Shane provide a wealth of information, not to mention a good place to buy parts! Hope to see you in York!

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