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  • It is said about the Internet... wherever two or three are gathered together, one of the buggers is gonna be griping about the other two.

  • Wichita Sam. If you want to act like a bitter prick go for your life buddy. I set up this thread for people to express the joy & the magic building brings to their lives because these things and this community is life changing for many.  If you want to tear people down you have the whole internet to play with just don't piss in my sandbox.
    CBG Nation is a community & maybe a little respect for the members of this one  should feel safe expressing their stories here. Please feel free to  pour your bile somewhere else. What you posted here has not been deleted so I have no idea what you are on about.  There was no battle Sam (except the one you are trying to pick) so how could there be a victory? you're right, this isn't a rant forum - but feel free to slag me or CBG community off there but not here... 

  • Cbg's rule , , they put $ in my pocket and a song in my heart . The biggest issue is finding a worthy box , I have settled too many times on inferior boxes . My preference has always been vintage cedar boxes as they have the sweetest sound to my ear . Last summer I found only 1 worthy box in all my searching . And as always I prefer the tax stamp intact . I need to head to Cuba to continue my search ........ My country frowns on that and that blows bigtime .
  • The thing about thread "owners" who can never be wrong is that they censor replies to their unthoughtful, rude posts.

    Penny, a few good friends is about all anyone could hope for.  It's a victory. 

    Drop into the Rant Forum sometime.  At least there posts aren't deleted if they don't suit the mod.

  • Downtown Vinnie wow you really have hit the ground running.... Having organised two CBG fests and another in the works I can say its a fun ride. My only regret is that as organiser I dont get to sit back and enjoy the festival as a participant. there is another level of satisfaction of seeing the joy on peoples faces however and that is pretty cool :)

  • I'm sorry you feel that way Wichita Sam that you feel that way.
    Makes me wonder why you keep coming back & more to the point why you felt it necessary to join this group?

    Like any group there are givers and takers....

    Maybe if you read some of the stories on here it might put you back in touch with what lit your fire in the first place.   

  • Wow ,Where do I begin,.I have been a gigiing musician for over 3o years.I enjoyed delta music and slide guitar,About a year ago  I saw Paul McCartney play a Matty Baratto CBG on Saturday Night Live and it was on.Next day I went online ,bought a 150$ CBG online.

    Now I have16 CBGs and 3 lap steels.I have traded guitars and effects for CBGs.And I have built about 6,.It is so fun to give a guitar to a good player and let it talk.Not many things more satisfying than that


    I do play and record almost everyday.I have amassedover 300 videos here on site,,,,obsession,maybe....I have met and made so many newfriends here who have blown me away with their kindness and generosity ,both information wise,but materially.I have blessed to have been gifted with several guitars, pickups,shirts ,slides.I have friends here that I will have forever.

    I am so enthused that I have started organizing a CBG fest Northwestfor July of next year.I have commitmentsfrom CBN players and several other big acts to play itand I have two big sponsors.

    Cbgs have enriched my world in so many ways thatI cn hardly believe.Love dem dang lil boxes.

  • With a longer view, been involved since 2006, I'd say the manying interesting people I've met online, the fewer that I'm met inperson, and the even fewer that I would count as good friends...

  • Thats Awesome Mario. Can't wait to see your first build. There really is magic in these boxes.

  • I've spent 30 years of my life in a very creative work.  Then i became invalid. I have the luck to have a work, actually I'm doorkeper in a big iron factory.  But sitting on a chair 8 hours a day looking at a window turned me nuts, day after day I'm gone into hard depression.  BUT I've discovered this site.  Some monts looking inside, then I sign in, now I have reconnected my hands to my brain.  I've just charged in my car the router and an orbital sander, I'll take my new hobby at work :-) As soon my first CBG will be ready, I will show you. My life has really turned on. Thank to everybody  here in CBG Nation

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