Springfield, WV


July 3

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  • Hey Jim, can you help me find a tutorial for weed eater for strings on a bass. Dave Lynas never made one so I did not learn.

  • Jim ,,,a man of many instruments! Amazing work my friend. Hope all's been well.
  • HI Jim,
     I noticed a void on the front page so I  stopped by. I see your last post is mid April, hope all is well with you and your family. Crazy crazy days

  • Hey man. Great to meet you at Speal's as well. That cookie tin banjo you made was awesome! Thanks for brining it.

  • Hello Jim ! im glad you liked it, greeettsszz A.D.

  • I thought so too but, when I tried to send you a message you didn't appear in the list.  Anyway, I know you are a busy fella but let me know if you are interested in the Fade to Black tune.  AP says you are the perfect guy and he has plans for a video as well. I don't have any time table on it, just at your leisure if you are interested.

  • Hi There Jim Thanks for your Kind words ! Greeeeettszz  A.D.

  • Thanks Jim ! yep balance is the key ! not to much, and not to little ! glad you liked it ! gREEEEETTSSS ZZZ a.d.

  • Thanks Jim ! are you releasing on a Major  or a Indipendent label? and is it all free in your place to realease any kind of record? pay any sucsession rights?  how many are gonna press 500-1000 ? what is custumary in your place ?

  • Thanks Jim i Made 65 so if thats in your Range ! You are, your older? and John & Wes are Younger?i know that James is in my range, and AGP # from down under , but there must be more ! Thanks for the like and greeetings ! A.D.

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