I sure hope no one minds me posting non CB instruments. About half my builds are CB related and the other half is stuff like cooke tins,salad bowls and whatever. This is just a real good way to keep track of things and share them with other like minded folks. Thanks CB Nation for providing this place!

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  • I make salad bowl/ hockey stick gitfiddles I consiter them CBGs 

    I also make jumping jiminees \stumpf fiddles \ boobmas 

    mikes and amps too 

    Pix to come  

  • 305939206?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024the Amish Harp...my washboard instrument, used an old silverware box

  • Home made Kazoos are preferred. :)>
  • Hi Jim,

    People are generally interested in anything and everything that can be used to make music on and if it is self built all the better.

    If you have a specific area or areas of interest have a look through the groups and you'll probably find others with a shared interest (but don't let that stop you from posting here also - it stops interesting things getting missed :o)


  • ๏_๏

    @ half of my recorded output is with non cigar box instruments.

    All are handmade, just not necessarily out of cigar boxes!


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