welcome to my new group. lets talk bowed instruments.
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  • 306417646?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Reso cello

  • I found this relevant CBN blog entry which I thought I'd post the link here for both your and my benefit (as I want to build one some time).

    Here's the link: Tips on Building a Cigar Box Violin.

  • OK I'm slow. I think I just figured out how to put videos on group pages. Let's see if this works.http://youtu.be/-z_GSa2-URI

  • Thanks to Rand, I hope to contribute here soon!

  • Hi all, I'm new to this CBN and looking for a place to talk CBF. Looks like there's not much going on here though. Hope I'm wrong. Check out my fiddles on my page.

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    Somthing Rare. My Cigar box dulcimer fiddle.Somthing Rare.My cigar box dulcimer fiddle.

  • Hi Jon..Call it up this way under search for items - Fender Squire Strat Neck On A Pinup Girl Custom Made Guitar..If you still can't find it email me and we will go from there..


  • Sorry - I must be missing something - searching for items or stores called "jstuff2" or "cigar box violin" or "cigar box fiddle" all return zero results.
  • Hi Jon..No it is still listed..under   jstuff2
  • Hi Diane..No, The body is 12" wide by 16" long..
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Fiddle String Diameter

Alls quiet here but I thought I might stir things up with a question. Does anyone know or know where to find the diameter of fiddle strings. I have been using fishing successfully for sometime now. However I cant get the tones quite right. Thought if I could find out the average diameters of thw strings I could match it better. For now I have been using 50lbs for G, 30lbs for D and A, and either 10 or 8 lbs for E

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Fiddle neck angle

One of the most challenging things for me was getting a good angle on the neck. It's not like a regular CBG. You need a really good angle on the strings. Here's the simplest solution I could come up with- Simply sand the carry through at a slight angle and then glue on your neck! Easy right!?! I drew a pencil line so you could see the area that was sanded down before glueingimage.jpg

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Voo Doo instruments

 I just built An upright bass using a coffin design for the body. I am planning on a cello next with similar concepts. I am using plywood for the body, hard maple for solid components, bass tuning machines, and pieso under bridge. Just the bass alone I have learned volumes of information, and am looking forward to what I learn from my future projects. I have read every post on this forum and used what I could. I have also learned from a lot of other places. even though my instruments will never…

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