Ferrum, VA


March 3

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  • Most of us are very open to all levels of playing. Cat beat against a tree sounds like a pretty good song title. I actually know a tune called Nail That Catfish to a Tree that I might play on my next fiddle build! Here it's played by the guy who wrote it.

  • Hey Bobby, thanks for the friend request. I like the builds you posted. Now we need to hear them! You may have noticed I'm more into old style acoustic instruments than many folks around here but I still love cranked up blues style sometimes too! 

  • Geese Bobby. No idol here. Thanks for the kind words though. Your comment made my day. Otherwise I'd have to face failure. I spent all day wiring an EZ solder amp kit from Guitar Fuel. It was anything but EZ. I have a dead short in my attempt and no amp! So I've ordered a No solder model and will replace my failed junk. Hope your build went better than mine today. .. Dave
  • Glad to be your friend. Cool work Bobby. .. Dave
  • Hello.,,.yep here in VA.,I'm up north outside DC.,,.I had to look up Ferrum.,,.south central VA on the west side.,.I have family across the border in WVA down there.,.,welcome to the Nation.,,.we're cigarbox crazy around here and there are some nice fiddles to see.,,.cheers..,

  • Thanks Bobby for your nice compliment! Glad you liked it ! Greeeeettsszz A.D.

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