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"Missed, and I do think about him from time to time. One of a kind, and a great talent. When I expressed intrest in his builds he said he would offer me a payment plan. Cherished."
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"Awesome "
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Here is a box I built in 30 minutes on New Year's Eve 2022 as a quick fretless build. After playing it for 18 months I decided to add frets. Turned out great and I will probably convert more of my fretless builds in the future. Lite n lively 🎸
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Black Walnut neck and fingerboard, 24" scale, Oak heel, Spanish Cedar box
Jun 4
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"Sweet "
May 27
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21.5" scale, Cherry wood neck, Black Walnut headstock and fingerboard, CB Gitty tuners
May 27
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It's been awhile..
May 18

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  • Howdy Jerry! -Glenn

  • thank you Jery

  • I appreciate the encouraging words on my builds. Like most CBG builders, I love experimenting.

    The 3D printer really facilitates the process. The Yamaha Silent Guitar inspired my violin shaped body. The body took hours of printing time to do the 4 pieces! I’ve gone back to smaller parts.

    I discovered the brad nail frets are sliding up, so I applied some super glue at the top and bottom of each fret. I should know tomorrow when I run my set list if the nails are stable.

    One of these days I will try a double neck; I like yours. Some have angled the necks; don’t know if you considered that. Not sure what both necks would be, probably a 3-string and a tenor uke. Then the question is which neck goes on top?

    Probably drove by your neck of the woods last month moving my son and family from NYC to Lynchburg!

  • Thanks for the positive inputs. My “kit” guitar needs more qualification; actually more back story. I’ve been teaching a $7, 2-hour Intro to Cigar Box Guitars class for the local community college seniors program. I bring the guitars and teach them how to play them using Glen Watt’s 1-finger chording approach. The students love the class, but they leave without a guitar, though some do buy a guitar from me and start coming to our monthly jam. Growth in our group has been slow. I believe a build and play class where students leave with a guitar in hand could be a game changer. 3D printed PLA frets will wear out about 4 months depending on how much you play. The brad nails should change that and allow a neck that can be fretted by anyone quickly and easily. A properly fretted neck is very labor intensive which makes an inexpensive kit out of reach. The component costs of the guitar I pictured is about $20 and my friend and I each built a guitar together in 2.25 hours. I will make it my go guitar for now and see how it holds up. I will post some pictures of what the kit looked like when we started and how we applied the frets. I’m planning to do the first build and play session at my church later this month. I think 8 is all the students I can handle at once with a friend helping. The 3D parts are pretty simple to design. I used openSCAD and an inexpensive Robo 3D printer. Since the parts are all small pretty much any 3D printer should work. It took some experimentation to get the nails to slide in snug. Hope this info is helpful.


  • Thanks for the "likes" Jerry. Looks like I am going to be spending some time on your page... REALLY good stuff!

  • As you know Jerry ! than the critter whoed be massif , and its 26 inch scale ,its a long one by looks not realy by lenght, but thanks for the kind commet ! appriciated !

  • Thanks for the comment Jerry

  • Hi there Jerry i reckon so ! but every chick only clucks to his Mama!! if its guitar related that is ! i do think so to thats why i bought it its a vintage look copper "Dean "Dobro ! rings like a bell and i got my "Wings "Now '!3551253887?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Hi there Jerry ! Yup ! she does the Job ,in europe they are not that exspencif, its a German Brand and they are our neighbours, and sins they go good in my build i preordered a couple, i like em and they  give me good results in diverend other guitars & builds aswell si a do exclusif  Shaller products in BCB Builds ,so people know what they get !! Thanks for your comments Jerry appriciated ! Greeeeettsszz A.D.  

  • Thank you kindly Jerry J appriciate your like !

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