The simplest little resonator instrument of all. Please add links to plans, photos of your canjos and ideas you've found that make the most of this diminutive instrument.(The image is a temporary placeholder, I'll replace it any day now!)
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  • How do I view tutorials on how to make a canjo?

  • 1 Can, 1 Stick & 1 String who knew you could have so much fun!

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  • Oh, Adam Jellison- sorry but I neither read nor write tab, but hope you get good connections here in CBN! -Glenn

  • Thx Brian Q. Appreciate your comments, makes sense. I have one really old slightly larger can at the moment... -Glenn

  • Glenn, it seems to me, that older/vintage cans have louder sound. I think it has something to do with either the thickness or the hardness of the steel? The old half pound coffee cans are pretty loud, although  a little bulky? Anything 32 oz. or over is kinda loud? 

  • So what is the LOUDEST resonator can, string, building model ya'll have found for a canjo? Thx for any replies! And Blessed Thanksgiving, -Glenn

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Canjo Tablatures

Maybe it is just me, but I love to sit there and pick out songs I know or songs people want to play on my Canjo.  I own a couple of Canjo Song books from Gitty, and looked around online and found a few, but I thought since this is a community of players, why not start a discussion where people can post Tabs they put down on paper for others to play or learn with.  My goal is just to get a collection of tabs together and share. With that said, Ill start, I recently just wrote down a Tab for Mary…

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How to adjust Intonation???

How is intonation on a canjo adjusted?  On a CBG you string it up, tune it, check the 0 & 12 frets and adjust the saddle till intonation is correct. With a canjo where the string is anchored in the end of the can, you have to punch holes in the can to mount it,  string it up and check the tuning, find its off, and then .... ??? how do you adjust it after putting the mounting holes in the can?

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Chromatic fretting.

I bought a 2 string canjo from a guy called Greg at Elstead'15 a brilliant build as were his 3 string CBG's. It has a chromatic fretted neck and this may seem a naive question but how do I use 3 string music tabs? At the moment I have it tuned to D G. 

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