Huddersfield. West Yorkshire.


January 5

Chromatic fretting.

I bought a 2 string canjo from a guy called Greg at Elstead'15 a brilliant build as were his 3 string CBG's. It has a chromatic fretted neck and this may seem a naive question but how do I use 3 string music tabs? At the moment I have it tuned to D…

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Summer Wine

Hi All,   can anyone please supply with the tab for 'Summer Wine'   by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. To play on 3 string CBG. Thankyou. 'fingers'

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Brian Pearse (BeeP)

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    Barrelhouse '15

    Saturday 29th August from 2.00pm at The Pavilion, Thursley Road, Elstead.

    Many local beers, cigar box guitars, old friends on a straw bale stage. What more could anyone want? Hope you can make it!

  • Created by: Brian Tin-Pot Pearse

Barrelhouse '14

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    For the second year Elstead Sports Bar is hosting the amazing Barrelhouse Beer & Cigar Box Guitar Festival. 18 cbg players meet 18 local ales in the marquee. What could go wrong! PLUS other drinks in the bar and an all-day BBQ. Lookin'…

  • Created by: Brian Tin-Pot Pearse