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  • Hi all!
    I am building an upright bass with an oversized resonator (utility pan). I am wondering about the reason for a cover plate. Is it merely ornamental or is there an acoustic need?


  • Yes.

  • Hi Guys, I'm building my first reso with a star shaped silver candy dish as the cone. Im wondering if I should run the neck thru under the dish, or terminate the neck somehow before the dish.

    Any recommendations?

  • So I have a dogbowl reso with a disc piezo under the saddle. Great guitar in all respects. I'm thinking of adding a flat pup on a 3 way switch at the neck. Also a tone pot (currently just have a volume pot). Is there any point in doing this with a reso?
  • My latest reso build using a juice can! thanx bairfoot cajun for some of the ideas I have seen in your builds!


  • It is absolutely possible to do this james-most banjos are stick-thru design after all. Just make sure that there is room enough between the soundboard(in this case the clock face) and the stick just like any other build.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of storebought neck do you have in mind? A neck meant for an electric solid-body guitar with bolt-on plate might be just the thing-with a strong enough stick you could just bolt it to the neck and then cut the box like you were fitting any standard neck-through design.

    Also, I don't see that brass clock face being any less resonant that the cookie-tin lids or pie pans i've been using (check my pics if you need to-this Browser will NOT let me attach anything to the Comment Wall until I upgtade my OS). I've been told you should get a nice, bright sound from brass, slightly more mellow from aluminum...if you don't like the result, you can always send me that clock face and i'll trade you a few shiny cookie tins or a piepan... :)
  • I really enjoy playing ukulele (concert size tuned G,C,E,A) but...I'm a big fan of Delta Blues and I want to learn to play slide.  I think that means steel strings so I want to build a CBG.  My first question might seem silly but here goes:  How many strings...are there pros and cons to 3 versus 4 given that I'm used to strumming and picking 4 strings on my uke.  Next silly question:  Since this is my first build, I want to buy a neck rather than build one.  However, I want to make my CBG a resonator using an old brass clock face (see below).  Is it possible to have a "through the box" neck design with a resonator if the cone depth is very shallow (about 1/2" deep)?  Thanks for any thoughts you might share!305883059?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    involves the old brass clock face in this photo.  Do you think I could use it like a resonator cone on my CBG build?  It is 6.25" in diameter.

  • I finished the Banjonator except for electrifing it. Pretty loud as is but sounds like a 3 string bango!305758568?profile=original

  • I've almost finished the Banjonator neck & will post build pics soon. I may laminate some walnut side wood over the front to cover the sloppy hole & use the box after all. Also finishing up a nice little black 6 string with a Epi Special neck & will post build pics of it.
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Morphing an El Cheapo 6-string into a reso

I acquired this thing for $3 thinking I would re-purpose the tuners, nut, and perhaps neck and bridge into future CBG builds... But I am now thinking I would like instead to make it resophonic. It is a 35" instrument with a 24" scale if I measured it right.  I know nothing about resos and would like to ask you guys to point me in the right direction. Here is a list of questions so far: 1. Sound well: I've seen some builds with them and some without. Do I really need one? Can you educate me on…

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tin plate

Hi guys I viseted a local store today ,they had for sale some tin plate placks  aproximatly 12" × 8" in size normally us ed for  hanging  on the kitchen wall ,if this was atached to a frame like a licence plate would this be strong enough to resinate like a li ence plate or would Ineed to use some kind of braising.Mal (Uk)

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full sized resso

Hi.a pal of mine recently made me a nice resonator guitar by using a full size cone and spider set and spider set, fantastick sound, ut after looking at smaller cigar box resinators thats box was made of aliminium I am now wishing I  done the same.I was wondering if you just used a aliminiam front plate like some reguler guitar if you would get an even better sound what do you guys think Mal (UK)

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