Appleton, WI


September 26

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  • Reminds me of my #5 ☺
  • A couple of questions - what scale did you use ??   Vibrating string length from nut to bridge?    And how deep is your soundbox?   Did you use a piezo pickup and nylon strings or steel bass strings?    How does it sound acoustically just plucking the strings?  
    I scaled your pics and as near as I can tell somehow my coffin dimensions are almost identical to yours.    I drew dozens of variations before I settled on the one I am building.  I was totally amazed to see your pics since it looks so much like what I am doing. 

    I have not settled on sound-box depth yet and I am really curious about the answers to this list of question.  Please take a moment and reply.    Thanks Bill in Palatka

  • I have designed a coffin bass that is very similar to yours.  Parts ordered and received but not built yet.  Wanted to ask a few questions on your dimensions.   Sent a friend request so we could communicate.    I am not a bass player either - just  can't stop building stuff - grin.     I have a presence on CBN just haven't done much with cigarbox guitars lately.  Built more than a hundred before I got diverted.   Fascinated with the coffin bass at the moment.  Bill in Palatka Fl

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