Yucca Valley, CA


May 20

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  • Thanks Jim. You are right, it is too late to install a piezo transducer; the tin is sealed. However, I will install one on my second build.
  • Thanks Jim for the comment about my tin CBG. I, finally finished it today. Those plastic syringe red tips I used in the string holes on the tail piece didn't work. Every time I tightened the strings, the strings sliced through them like butter. So, I changed them to rivets which worked. I found out that I had two tuners upside down; I had to change them. Finally, I strung it up and tuned it. It is not very loud at all; I should have put an electronic piece inside to amplify it. I am the 2nd build which I am working on right now----a tag CBG. I did tell my husband there are never too many guitars., but he didn't believe me. LOL.
  • Hello,
    I have started a CBN group entitled, "How to Play CBG" It is my hope and intention to encourage the "Wealth of Talent" here on the Nation to share their knowledge and skill to further the CBG movement. Please consider contributing an instructional "video" link to this group. If you are a viewer seeking instruction, please feel free to write. If you have any suggestions or know other players who you think may want to post instructional "video" links, please contact me. Thank you for your interest and support, Keni Lee
  • Jim, Thanks!

    I have been grinding the backs off of sliding cabinet pulls. A lot of work - and Dremel bits!
  • Hi Jim
    I live in oregon and started a room called the Great Northwest. I know ur in cali but i like to invite u to join, since alot a folks are on the east coast. We need to build the nation out here and hopefully plan our own festivals and such.

  • I was 70 when I built my first CBG 3 years ago..I found a great hobby for sure..I also make a few bedpan guitars and diddley bow's..On "the other site" I go by JIM'SCBGS..I sell on ebay under jstuff2..I can't play worth beans but sure have a great time just messing with them..
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