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  • I'm gonna try open D, so I can play with the slide, and because I only have to change a couple strings, and a bunch of my gits are tuned that way, but she sounds great in standard tuning,and I am (was) a six string player

  • ey up mate hows trix - hope all is well for ya - good to hear from you mate - been having Computer problems myself but got it sorted now at last computers are ok when there working but a pain in the ass when they go wrong - would love to get a new one myself but can't afford one right now - so how do you rate the Linux OS ?

    still not forgot about that bridge a nd cones for you i WILL be on with them in the next couple of weeks - that's if you still want them

    juju :)

  • Hi Eric! maybe the other model :)

  • thanks so much means a lot comming from a builder such as yourself ,db.
  • Thank you bro for the kind words
  • Wow. I was just checking out your pictures. The attention to detail is tremendous.
  • I could do that inlay easily....with a CNG router and some resin....lol
    I've had good luck with them also they really are a value and people seem to like the inlay...
    Seattle is a strange place, I have a love hate relationship with it but right now I'm ready to take off. It's the 9 months of gray that tear me down. And I really want to learn how to surf before I get too old....
  • You did better than I did. The best I got was $42. How many did you buy at a time?I was looking into having these guys build uke necks for me but I never heard back.

    If you get to Seattle, write me and I'll buy you a beer.
  • Very tasteful work.
  • Hi Eric mate

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the Wenge ans laminate you sent me via Hollowbelly very cool of you bro - i'm sure i can put them to good use :) - not been around for a while but just had a quick look at your recent pix .. man your doing really nice work

    thanks again bro

    juju :)

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