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  • Hi JUJU, I did notice the nice long leads. I had to splice on additional on the original as my lady cyclops has a long body with a box on her tail for the pot and jack. Now i can hook up without a splice. I measured and your new rig will fit perfect. Once the renewed pup is installed i'll take a photo and show how i've modified my original build. Thanks JUJU. .... Dave
  • JUJU, I've received my package with my repaired cyclops eye. Thanks JUJU, it tests as working. Nice packaging, I'll get her installed soon. Thanks again, Dave...
  • Thanks JUJU, I'll be looking for the shipment. I've modified my Cyclops build in the meanwhile. I'll send photos when the eye arrives. I think this is my best effort to date. I'm sure glad the eye is fixed. OH Boy! .... Dave
  • Hey JUJU, now i've got the rest of the story. Nice to hear the pup lives! I'll send the funds as per your instructions. Sorry for the mistake in my shipping.
  • Hi JUJU, yes that's my address. Let me know the money due and i'll send it by Thursday. ... Dave
  • Hi JUJU, i may have put the wrong thing on the customs slip. Anyhow, i'll pay for whatever charges are incurred. I love that pup so this is a good thing. Let me know the cost. I can't seem to message any of you folks under messages, so i must use the open comment box on your page. Don't know what the problem is there. Anyhow, thanks JUJU.
  • Hi JUJU, don't know why the pickup is hung up? I'll send the fee to you if you wish, or I could just buy a new one. Think on it and let me know what you think. I sent it as usual with no reason for the fee. Seems like customs is a real pain over in your world. Maybe a new one is the answer? .... Dave
  • Hi JUJU, i've posted the little eyeball pup today. Hope she arrives in good order soon. I've been working on mother cyclops today. Improvements... and eye protection.... Dave
  • Hi JUJU, ok ill send her back for father's touch. It was an awesome axe when working. It may be that it has been hit with my stick playing it. I'm sure i've hit it once or twice while playing. I use a very light reed stick so as not to damage the fretboard or box. I usually don't play over the pickup though. I guess cyclops may need a monical. 'Safety glass... I"m not sure i have your mailing address. Please message me with it. Thanks, Dave
  • Hi JUJU, i've missed seeing you on CBN lately. I'm trying to fix my Cyclops diddley bow. It quit singing last summer and i just put it aside till it's time came. Well, I can't get her revived. Seems like the one pole pup is dead. It reads but a tiny bit on the meter. It hums when i touch the hot leads to my pot and jack but no sound except the hum. Maybe i could get another like it and send it to you? Please let me know. Thanks, Dave
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