Cigar box tunings open to 2'3'4'5'6' stringers uke's bass's what ever you got. and how you creativly use these tuning's

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  • care of SOARES’Y GUITARS        STRING%20CHART%20A.jpg

  • came up with a new tuning to me anyway (DFbd) sounds like shine on you crazy diamond by pink floyd

  • this is tuned to A  (E A c# e)306057567?profile=original

  • One string washboard bass strung with a black tape wound low B tuned up to G. it sounds better when you tighten up the bass string for slide


  • I tuned my 4  into a seldom used tuning this morning (DGa#a#) and watched the godfather documentary the double a#a# having a kinda Italian mando sound. its a minor tuning but the double strings give it an interesting twist. 

  • yesterday at the gig i busted a high E string glad i had a spare 4 string to play i tune the high E down to A# and up to E depending on the song

  • thanks Uncle John

  • This is a pretty basic intro into Sawmill tuning on a mandolin.  There should be some carryover to a guitar tuned the same notes an octave lower.  Fun tuning and pretty easy to learn - especially if you play a IVI 3 string.

  • love DAd tuning . it has a spooky qualty to it. i mostly play 4 strings i keep one in DAda all the time

  • Simple D-A-d tuning

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String selection for DAD tuning

Hi, I'm struggling to find the best combination of strings for DAD tuning (which really suits my voice) I have tried several combinations with the use of a regular 4th, 5th and 6th string the best to date although the 6th tuned down to D does feel a tad slack....any advice would be much appreciated.

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Tip for finding chords on a 3 or 4 string guitar in any tuning

Hi, The chord generator application on the  web page entitled "Theo's Banjo Chord Generator" (see link hereunder) calculates and displays a summary of all the possible chords you can play with a guitar which has 3 strings or more, in any possible tuning. Here is the link: In addition to displaying cords in a given tuning, the chord generator also creates a map of the fretboard in said tuning. Serge.

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5 string tuning

my neighbor wants me to build him a cbg with 5 strings no bottom e string. He wants to tune it like a regular guitar eadgb. Does anyone know how well regular tuning works on a cbg? thanks!

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