Scavengers unite! We want to know what unusual trash you've used to build instruments. Post your trash-to-treasure creations. Follow up on Dumpster Diver contests.
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  • Sorry for the bad translation ...
    Personalbox want to announced a crowdfunding campaign for his first cigar box guitar album, "Blue ROAD" From france 
    if you want to see more information you can see the campaign at

    for example You can order the digital album for 10€, for 20€ you will have the physical album.

    PersonalBox exist since 2013 ... on the basis of an instrument manufacturing workshop from recycled everyday objects.
    Since that date we are constantly evolving to make cigarboxGuitar, stompbox, or battery from a dryer ...
    we are therefore an eco-friendly group, against the planned obsolescence, all this by playing a Trash-blues or Dirty Blues Rock ... provided that groove! ...

  • One of the rackets is wood and one is metal, so there will be a reso racket build using a turntable platter for the cone.

  • Love them tennis and badminton rackets, fun builds! -Glenn

  • I found a few things on the curbside. A couple tennis rackets for future builds and a guitar stand.

  • Scored again. Saw a BBQ Grill by the curb. Knocked on their door to make sure they were indeed trowing it away. They said yes and asked if I was interested in a 3-wheeler. Why sure, I said. they took me around to the back yard and there was a old Honda 3-wheeler minus the engine and seat.

    The guy helped me put the grill and 3-wheeler in my truck. Then he asked me if I wanted a topper for my truck(Ford Ranger). He had one in the back that needed painting. So now I have a 3-wheeler and a topper for my truck.

    The 3-wheeler has a locked up rear end. Will list it for sale and scrap it if it doesn't sell. Topper's going on the truck.

  • Got a few movies on DVD and a License Plate for a future LPG build.306629662?profile=original

  • That looks like a solid work surface, even has brakes...nicely scoped and scooped. Thanks for the tips on the reverb springs, I may open up my new box for an install.
  • Here's a quick pic of the worktable just before the downpour.306616977?profile=original

  • I built a acoustic CBG and put 2 springs in it for natural reveb and it worked well. I connected them just under the bridge and ran them to the neck area.

  • Let me know how the spring reverb works I was considering putting one in my latest 4 string but was discouraged after reading some posts. I use mostly piezo pups and have an amp with a lot of effects but I thought a spring reverb would be a cool thing.
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Plumbing Parts

I seriously thought that this would be a more active group. After all there is so much "treasure" thrown out everyday! Anyway I recently found boxes of old brass plumbing fixtures in a storage unit I decided to rent. With so many uses for these parts that I already know, how many of you have used these parts and what for?

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Started new job and payed off first night

Well I have been out of work since November of last year finally got a job doing stock for a big box store. Went to work doing stock in wearhouse and was moving some 24 inch x 24 inch acrylic sheets out of the way and asked the boss were toput them. Was told the dumpster or take them. There was about 20 of them with plastic protective film still on so home they came now have pickguard material for a long time to come. Good start to a job and saved the planet to boot win / win for me.

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dog walk treasure hunts

I find some of the best stuff while out walking the dogs. Here are pics from this morning. 10 heart shaped ring drawer pulls. Nice and strong. Antique looking hammered finish. You'll be seeing these show up on my builds! The price was right!heartpull.jpgheartpull2.jpg

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