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  • Since getting into this area of Guitar playing, I watch endless videos trying to gain as much knowlege as I can.  Lately, I.ve run into diatonic, pentatonic, fretting with only about 8 fretts, like a dulcimer.  In one, the guy had it his 3 strings tuned in such a way as to make playing blues like falling off a log.  I think Justin Johnson had one.  Problem is, I can never find them on line again.  Wish I could be more help.  What is a good size router bit for shaping the back of necks? I just bought nice router. Hmm, now what??  good talking to you, sorry I couldn't be more help.  I go into computer stores and they look at me and say, "what's the point."  Gordon

  • Hi John, I don’t know how to private message people on here. How do I sign up for a slot at boxstock?
  • Just happened to see the video of your tilt neck CBG's. That is plain awesome thinking and design. Like your idea over the Fender design.

  • Good to know you Chickenbone. Just been checking out your "Jitterbug Swing" , liked Bukka White for eons and your version is ace. How did you come to buy The Works entire UK stock of BBG's? How much are you selling them for? 

  • I'd like to put my name down for the open mic on the Friday night of box stock. Is that possible?
  • Il come over and say hello if I'm going, it's our bike clubs "Christmas p' up" on the Saturday night in Liverpool so......
  • Hello John.
    Are you at the Liverpool guitar show on Sunday?
  • Definitely not your fault mate. Postie put a missed delivery slip through the door without bothering to knock. Then when I tried to collect it from the post office they looked for 20 minutes then said they'd lost it. Then after I rode to work they called to say they'd found it...

  • Hi John, after a bit of a nightmare with the Post Office (long story) I finally received the fretboard blanks from you this morning. They're wonderful, thanks very much! Cheers for the offcuts too!


  • just now started to use cigarboxnation again.

    How was the concert?

    Been following you on youtube, great channel!

    See you

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