March 4

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  • Hi Richey!

    Did you ever post to further explain your advice for equal string tension?

    I'm doing my first 4 string, how do you set yours up? 

    Best! -Danny

  • Bro just 2 let u know I was laughing the the phrase "oop north" just incase u read it wrong. By the way my neck is coming ok it's not as easy as has u made it look in the video tho I tell ya. :) it took u 20 mins it's gonna take me 20 days lol
  • Oop north haha! Well as long as u don't walk like Liam Gallagher we cool bro lol
  • Much appreciated mate! I'm
    From Kent add me as a friend
  • That's bed time reading at its finest mate haha!! Brilliant thanks a lot buddy
  • Hey richey it's the Toofy cheers for all the help
  • Thanks I´ll try it!

  • Thanks to you Richey. I like your multi-scale guitar. Want to build one. I'll send you pics, now i'm looking for woods and thinking the scale to use.

  • Hey Richey,  Thanks for the reply and concern.  Please dismiss the crudeness of the videography (or lack thereof) from me and my camera phone, but this video best explains everything... https://youtu.be/GuxwrfyG_NE

  • you're welcome, thanks for the add Richey.. beautiful cover of "la vie en rose" love it:)

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