Richey Kay #49

My latest solid body build. 4 string solid body electric.
630mm scale, oak body (made from laminated shelving), bolt on oak neck, walnut fretboard, 2 hand wound pickups with 3 way switch and V&T (mid position is humbucking), strings through body, Tru Oil finish.
Plays like a dream :)

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  • A beautiful instrument.  You should be proud.  I would like to see a close up of the headstock.  I really like the tuner arrangement.

    • Thanks Gary! Here's the headstock for you:


    • As I suspected...the perfect headstock.  The top tuners are closer together, as they should be, yet the tuning knobs are easily accessable.  And then the top of the headstock is flared out some for aesthetics.  Nice.  Thanks

    • Thanks for saying so Gary! It always nice when someone understands your thinking behind a design.
    • I want to try one very similar, but with a little more flare on top and more angular rather than curved.  Yours is perfect for the shape of the body, but I will be using it for a "box" uke, most likely.

    • Sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Send me a message when you do - I don't get on here very much these days
    • Thanks, Richey.  Will do.

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