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My 2nd first solid body guitar

Hey everyone. 

1079929182?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I'm still pretty new around here and I like that there seems to be a group for just about every variation of self build guitars. 

Anyway this is my first solid body 3 stringer (2nd first because its the 2nd body on this same neck. the

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Richey Kay #49

1079910107?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024My latest solid body build. 4 string solid body electric.
630mm scale, oak body (made from laminated shelving), bolt on oak neck, walnut fretboard, 2 hand wound pickups with 3 way switch and V&T (mid position is humbucking), strings through body, Tru

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The Blacksnake

1079478362?profile=RESIZE_1024x10241079480305?profile=RESIZE_1024x102422" scale length, dulci fretting, 3 pair string setup, carved solid brass bridge, solid paduak neck, carved body, mini humbucker pickup wired straight to input jack. Gold hardware and fret wire.

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fitting the neck to the body

i''ve made one 'solid' body but i was constructed in layers with a through neck, all glued together in a sandwich with channels cut for pup/controlsetc

any ways to fit bolt-on would be helpful ..home made neck of course.

cheers jabes

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What type of tailpiece do you use? is there a standard type ? Any info to setting up the proper way to mount it and lining it up with the fretboard. As some who joined the group have never made a sloid body but would like to give it a try. Figure any

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