fitting the neck to the body

i''ve made one 'solid' body but i was constructed in layers with a through neck, all glued together in a sandwich with channels cut for pup/controlsetc

any ways to fit bolt-on would be helpful ..home made neck of course.

cheers jabes

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  • Cheers, but i started the same day as you...;) Cutting the slot for the neck wasn't too tricky.Now moved on to the neck and finished frets.

    yesterday i drilled a hole for the jack and chopped out for the pup .

    Nothing is fixed yet, this is where i got to today and now it's all apart again and it's ready for sorting out the electrix

    dpdt on-on-on , vol and tone

    got 500k pots and .47 caps- see how it works out , I measured the pup with the m/tester on the 20k ohm setting and it read 05.0 for one coil and 4.90 for the other --it means nothing to me but any comments appreciated....:)305850852?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Hey Jabes, sorry to keep you waiting.  If you look at my blog up there,batch 2012, I did neck slots today. cheers mate :)

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