• Hi Vinny there are a number of ways to approach this.  Many builders get a long drill bit and drill in through the neck cavity for a cable run between pickup slots.  A les paul has a cable run (for the pickup selector in the top there) routed into the rear half before the maple cap is glued on.  For your first couple I'd strongly recommend Leo Fender's approach, take a look at a stratocaster - almost the entire circuit (everything but the output jack and the earth to the bridge) is preassembled on the rear of a snazzy looking pickguard... This way it isn't too critical if you mess up a few of your first attempts with the router or chisel, they'll be covered over.

    You don't NEED a router (although they are very very handy for solid bodies) you can totally get by with a bench drill, a set of forstner bits and some sharp chisels.  Once the slots are in you make your cable runs between em with long drill bits and careful angles

    Good luck :)

    • looks like the way to go...a cigar box size strat...i'll keep this post update...thanks

  • Rout the pickup holes onte front, and a cavity for controls on the back.
    • thanks...

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