This group is opened to everyone that builds, plays or just likes the sound of a dulcimer. Both the strum and lap types, it`s all in the fretting.

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  • Hello everyone,
    I want to build a strummer for granddaughter, 17" scale. My ??? is what strings do I use for basic dulcimer tuning,( D-A-D, etc.)? Does the short scale dictate the type of strings one can use and does that short scale dictate the tuning one can use, i.e. metal or nylon, thickness??? Thanks to all in advance!!
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  • Hello. I just joined the group as I'm making a Tennissee music box. Dulcimer Day in Duluth is coming soon. I want to have one or two to offer along with my assortment of guits, fiddles, amps etc. .. Dave
  • Gordon Cooper .-  we cant reply to   your  "message" in  here  . as it;s a message  not a "post " . but     to offer  some  possible incite to your question  . you may  find something of interest   in this  simular thread


  • Two of my efforts. 2 Feral Flying Pig boxes and 5 small Padron boxes. 306575037?profile=original

  • Sadly the box was verry used during a transport to a show, but it still cool to play !!306539489?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Built only for fun but in fact it's pleasant to play even on 2 strings we call it the windows !! It's in strong plexiglass with a piezo !!306540735?profile=original

  • 306543869?profile=originalA single coil duclitar !!

  • That's a really nice Dulcitar!!!  Did you do a short scale?  I've been wanting to make one like that.

  • Celtic themed Dulcitar. Having a lot of fun with it. Trying to learn some Celtic/Scottish tunes for it.306542025?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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making my first dulcimer/strumstick/ kind of thing,

hi, i've made about 20 or so cbg style guitar's but not with a cigar box, they're too expensive here in England, i've used fishing box's/wine box's/35mm slide box's etc etc, heard some dulcimer's on youtube and i really like the sound of them so i've decided to make a dulcimer kind of thing, i'm just gathering the part's at the moment, i'm using two broken barometer's for the body, the green part is onyx, i want to make a 4-string but i need to know how far apart the two high string's are from…

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Need sources to buy dulcimer soundboard wood

Hi folks! I need some help finding sources for pre-cut wood for a dulcimer soundboard. I'm building my first dulcimer and using some nice re-claimed wood from a piece of old family furniture. I have a variety of sizes and thicknesses of wood to work with. However I have nothing thin enough for a soundboard and no saws or planers available to me to cut something. I need something that is ready to use, other than cutting to shape and sanding. Stewart-MacDonald has thickness-sanded bookmatched…

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Mountain dulcimer phaser type sound?

Hi all.  Just joined this group having started playing mountain dulcimer this weekend. I'm using a piece of oak as a noter and I'm getting weird phaser type sounds as I slide up and down the fretboard. Anyone know why that would be? I will add that I think the strings are quite old and I'm using an old oak handle from a pin hammer having sanded it clean and cut the hammer head off. Could it be one of these tgings causing it? It's not a horrible sound but I'd rather sort it if possible so I…

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